Guest Rooms

view from parker

We offer all modern conveniences in a quaint rustic setting away from all of today’s distractions. We have a maximum capacity of only 25 guests, so we can ensure our guests are comfortable and well cared for during their stay. Our American plan includes a bed in one of our 8 rooms and a bathroom which includes a hot shower, sink and toilet.

We have power throughout camp 24 hours a day to add to our guests’ continued comfort. Each group with reservations will be roomed separately from other parties.

We have three different buildings for guest accommodations. Each building has a refrigerator for beverage and snack storage.

The Big cabin offers 4 identical rooms with private bathrooms with toilets and showers. Each room can sleep 2-5 guests.bigcabin

The Small Cabin offers 2 rooms with a shared bathroom and can sleep up to 7 guests.

The main lodge addition offers 2 rooms with private bathrooms.  Each room can sleep 2-4 guests.New deck

All of our guest rooms are very similar and each bed is prepared with a fitted sheet and pillow.  Below are some pictures of what our rooms look like.

The main lodge is home to the dinning room and small lounge area.