Walleye Conservation Policy

The Eagle Falls Lodge Walleye Conservation Policy has been put in place to support and maintain the long-standing tradition of Red Lake and Parker Lake having phenomenal walleye species productivity for all visiting anglers.  Starting in 2015 all guests at Eagle Falls Lodge will get to be active participants in making sure the walleye species not only continues to thrive but also has the chance for an unreached potential for years to come.

To conserve the tradition of excellent fishing here at Eagle Falls Lodge, this policy requires the unharmed release of any walleye 18 inches and over. 

We are confident that the release of prime breeding fish will result in greater abundance of eater size walleye classes as well as a better chance for the thrill of catching and releasing picture worthy trophy-sized walleye.  We have done our research and are excited to see the positive change that will come from a more thoughtful conservation practice.

Please visit our page discussing the Importance of Releasing Big Fish to learn more about why this is so important.

We look forward to answering any questions and providing more information to current and future guests regarding this new policy.  We are confident that walleye conservation will be added to your list of reasons why you return year after year to Eagle Falls Lodge.  Your contribution and adherence to this policy are what makes it so successful!