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Q: What can I expect if I bring my own boat?
A: You will certainly have an enjoyable week of fishing in our camp boats, but several guests do choose to bring their own boats.  There is a boat launch less than 1/2 mile from the landing where our barge departs from Red Lake.  We have power available on our Red Lake dock and docking is free.  You are also welcome to use the camp boats on Parker Lake.

Q: What about gasoline?
A: We provide unlimited gasoline for the camp boats. There are plenty of excellent fishing spots within a short ride from camp.  All gasoline is treated to ensure excellent engine running performance.  We also take care of gassing the camp boats so you don’t have to.

Q: Are bugs a problem?
A: There is usually enough of a breeze to keep bug problems at a minimum.  We do recommend bringing insect repellent for calm mornings and evenings.  Pants and long sleeves also help.

Q: If I drive all the way to Red Lake am I going to catch fish?
A: Absolutely!  We have a very unique location between two different bodies of water.  Double you chances to have a great week of fishing!  We are always happy to share fishing tips, techniques, and “hot spots” with our guests.

Q: Are guides available?
A: We don’t employ guides at the lodge, but local licensed Canadian guides are available in Red Lake if you are looking for on-lake guiding. Please contact us in advance to have this arranged.

Q: Is the food good?
A: We certainly think so and so do our guests that return year after year.  We take pride in serving delicious, hearty, home-cooked meals.  Feel free to check out our menu under the “Accommodations” section.

Q: I have a food allergy and my fishing partner is a picky eater.  Can we still come?
A: Of course.  If we are aware of special dietary needs ahead of time we will make every effort to accommodate them.  There is also ample refrigerator and storage space available for desired snacks.

Q: What about medical problems/emergencies?
A: Several members of our family are both CPR certified and trained to respond in an emergency situation.  The hospital in Red Lake is a 5-mile boat ride and a 3-mile drive away (total travel time of 20 minutes).  We also have extensive first-aid supplies and an A.E.D. machine at the lodge.

Q: Are there any restrictions on bringing electric appliances?
A: Nope, breathing machines and battery chargers are fine.

Q: What is the best time to come?
A: You will catch fish during the entire season.  The only thing that changes is the depth and location of the fish as well as amount of daylight.  We will be able to update you on arrival.

Q: What is a shore lunch?
A: Shore lunches are a Canadian tradition and the very best way to enjoy fresh walleye.  We are happy to prepare a shore lunch kit for you as many times as you wish during your stay.  Each kit includes everything you need to cook and enjoy your lunch.  All you need to do is catch and clean the fish!

Q: I forgot batteries, underwear, and toothpaste.  What now?
A: We make a supply trip to town mid-week and are happy to pick up any times you may need.  We also have several essentials on hand at the lodge so please don’t hesitate to ask.

Q: Do you sell live bait and fishing licenses?
A: We don’t sell live bait or fishing licenses at the lodge, but we do have storage available for live bait.  We recommend purchasing your bait and license at Red Lake Marine.  It is best to call ahead and reserve live bait 807-727-2747.  You may also get your fishing license online prior to your trip.

Q: Do you have maps of the lakes available?
A: Yes, we have paper maps with rocks marked available for free and waterproof depth maps available for $10.

Q: What types of bait or tackle do you suggest for walleye and northern pike fishing?
A: We have attached a list of suggested bait and tackle for walleye and northern pike fishing as a PDF document: Eagle Falls Lodge Suggested Bait and Tackle List

Q: My wife’s birthday is during my vacation week.  Can I call home?
A: Yes!  We have a phone available for guests to use which we now offer free of charge.  We just ask that you please keep your calls short.  We now also have wifi in the main lodge which guests can use for checking email, weather, etc.

Q: Will I have to sleep with strangers?
A: No, we only place groups in the same reservation together in the same room.  We have eight separate rooms and six of these rooms have their own bathroom.  Each room has 3-5 beds.

Q: My tackle box weighs 80lbs.  How far do I have to walk to the docks?
A: The lodge sits directly on the shore of Parker Lake so you’ll only walk a few steps to the boats.  The Red Lake dock is approximately 80 yards from the lodge.  We have a golf cart that guests are welcome to use and we’ll also help move gear between the lakes.

Q: I’m thinking of bringing my spouse who is more of a casual angler.  Is there anything else to do?
A: Everyone that visits spends the majority of their week fishing.  Fishing is usually fast paced enough to keep fair-weather fishermen and women entertained.  There are a few hiking opportunities that are accessible a short distance away by boat.  Some of the old logging roads in the area lead to historic gold mine exploration sites.  You can also find out more about what the town of Red Lake offers by visiting their website.

Q: I see you are a boat-in lodge.  Do I have to swim to the lodge if I don’t bring my own boat?
A: No, we’re not that cruel.  Plus you would have to be in killer shape for a 5-mile swim.  We meet everyone in town at the Red Lake Marine and then lead them to where they park their vehicles and load gear on our 40′ barge.  From there its about a 35 minute trip out to the lodge.

Q: What time do we leave from town on Saturday and from the lodge the following Friday?
A: We try to have everyone loaded and depart the dock by 2pm on Saturday.  We don’t mind leaving a few minutes early if all parties have arrived. Stan stops in at the Red Lake Marine to meet guests at 12:00, 12:30, and 1:00pm.  We depart the lodge on Friday morning at 7am.

Q: What kind of boats/motors do you offer?
A: On Red Lake we have 16′ Lund boats with 20 hp Honda motors.  On Parker Lake we have 16′ Lund boats with 15 hp Honda motors.  Each boat has 2-3 padded swivel seats, anchor, paddles, and an emergency kit.

Q: What methods of payment do you accept?
A: Currently we accept cash, travelers check, and personal checks only.

Please leave a comment below if you have additional questions.


  1. Hi Carrie/Travis

    Dave and I are looking forward to seeing you a week from Saturday.

    Getting things together to bring up and wondering if you have Wi-Fi or should I just leave my laptop at home?


    • eaglefallslodge

      Hi Walt! We do have Wifi available in the main lodge. It works most of the time for checking email, weather, etc. See you in a few days! Carrie

  2. My husband is coming up the middle of August with the Bible Baptist Church from Hillsboro, OH and I’m wondering if washer/dryer is available or do they have to pack enough clothes to last entire stay?

    • eaglefallslodge


      We do not have a washer/dryer available. He should pack enough clothes for the entire stay. Thanks for checking!

  3. Jim Juillerat

    What seems to be the ticket right now for the smallmouth bass? We will be up there next wek thought id see about some tips fot lures or baits.

    • eaglefallslodge

      Hi Jim,

      The smallmouth have been hitting on all kinds of baits. Jigs with twister tails, tubes, Rat-L-Traps, buzzbaits, jerkbaits, and various minnow looking crankbaits have all been successful. Crayfish are a favorite forage too so bringing a crayfish looking lure would be a great idea. The boats having the most luck are targeting rock reefs on Parker Lake. The smallies are hanging on the edge of the reefs and nailing the baits when they come off the top. See you next week!


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