1st Fishing Report!

Now that the guys have had a few days to take the first crack at the fish, I have an update for you.

Parkers has started stronger than Red Lake.  Overall numbers have been good, but we’d still like to see more size.  Greedy fishermen we are.  The biggest so far have been a 22″ Walleye, 36″ Northern, 19.25″ Smallmouth, and 8″ Rock Bass.  We’ll update the leaderboards on the website soon.

Walleye have been hitting in anywhere in the 5′-13′ range and evenings have seemed to be the most productive sessions so far.  The guys are using jigs with twister tails and spinner rigs.  Pike have been holding to shoreline structure and frequenting some of the warmer, shallower bays and near any kind of moving water.  They are hitting anything that moves.

From the looks of our bay, the spawn was a healthy one.  There are thousands of minnows and fry sunning themselves all around the docks on Red Lake.  The bay on the Red Lake side is a fish sanctuary until June 15th.  You can see huge clouds of baitfish like this one on all sides of the docks.


There is one more day left for the crew this week to set the bar a bit higher before week 2 begins!

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