After the long 1500 mile journey we finally arrived in Red Lake on the 13th. The trip coming up was great and we didn’t have any problems — except for containing our excitement. Travis is here at the lodge helping us open camp — we picked him up in Dryden on the way up. The opening of the lodge is going well. We have the electricity, water, and communication devices all up and running. With that being said the phone at the lodge is up and functional, so we can be contacted at (807) 727-7100. We have made quick progress getting things running, but we still have many things to accomplish before we are completely ready for the first round of guests on the 27th. Tomorrow we’ll start launching boats and marking rocks on Parker. I’ve made a few trips with the barge and have managed to keep Miss Merry Mack afloat so that’s what I call progress. Hopefully, by the first round of guests we’ll have some decent practice with docking the barge. We ask you stay patient as we gain more and more experience as the season progresses.

The ice has been out for about two weeks now. The water levels are looking pretty good and we’re expecting a great fishing season. The weather so far has been pretty mild. Cool in the mornings, warming up during the day, and cooling off again in the evening. Parker and Red Lake are both still as beautiful as ever. I’m looking forward to many more sunsets and memories!


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  1. Jack Hughes

    Stan, I want to wish you and your family the best in your new adventure as a lodge owner. Here in Phoenix we are having our annual pre-departure party this Saturday and the thrill of heading to Eagle Falls for me is just as exciting as it has been for the previous 9 consective years.

    Incase Travis has not told you our group arriving June 17 has several members who are making their 34 consective trip to Red Lake and we will have several three generations of fishing enthusiasts attending. The best part is out teenagers are looking forward to it a much as the grandfather’s.

    Again, all of us here in Phoenix wish you and your family the best in your new adventuer and we are all looking forward to meeting the Holistic family in person.

    Jack Hughes

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