Check our open availability below for the 2014 season. This post is updated frequently so it is current despite the original post date.  Let us know even if you are interested in a week that presently has no openings. That way if a group has to cancel or change weeks we can contact you to see if you are still interested.  Don’t forget that the only way to secure your reservation is with a $100 deposit per person.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions:
the lodge phone: 807-727-7100
or Travis’ cell: 417-522-3163

2014 Season
May 24 – May 30
Open for a party of 1-12

May 31 – June 6
No openings at this time

June 7 – June 13
No openings at this time

June 14 – June 20
No openings at this time

June 21 – June 27
No openings at this time

June 28 – July 4
No openings at this time

July 5 – July 11
No openings at this time

July 12 – July 18
No openings at this time

July 19 – July 25
Open for a party of 1-6

July 26 – August 1
No openings at this time

August 2 – August 8
No openings at this time

August 9 – August 15
Open for a party of 1-2

August 16 – August 22
No openings at this time

August 23 – August 29
Open for party of 1-8

August 30 – September 5
Open for a party of 1-8


  1. If you have sent a deposit, but it states your week has no openings – that is because we already have you on our schedule! No worries!

  2. We accept check, money order, or cashier check for deposits. Thanks for checking!

  3. Will cell phones work up there? Do we send the deposits to the Il. adress?

  4. There is not reliable cell service on our property. However, many guests have been able to use their cell phone while out on the water. We have a phone at the lodge that you are more than welcome to use. The deposit can be sent to our Illinois address: 1910 E. Taylor, Bloomington, IL 61701.

  5. Thank you for your fast reply.

  6. What are the rules on what we can take into Canada?
    Drinks, cigarettes,or any other items.How much on these items?

  7. You are permitted one case of beer per person OR 1.14 liters of liquor OR 1.5 liters of wine across the border duty free. You can bring 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, AND 200 grams of tobacco across duty free. We don’t recommend bringing more than that to save the hassle of having to go into the customs office to pay tax on additional items. There is a liquor store in the same parking lot as the grocery store in Red Lake and a beer store although the items are more expensive than they are in the states.

    Also, you can bring live bait across the border as long as it is in artificial bedding or newspaper, but they can not be in dirt or soil. No live minnows or leeches are allowed across the border. No weapons are allowed either. For a full list or to inquire on other items call Canada Border Services (807) 274-3655 ext. 240 or check out their website Thanks for checking!

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