2015 Bait Pricing

We know many of you reserve and purchase live bait here in town at Red Lake Marine.  Carrie got their updated price list for the 2015 season:

Regular Minnows $4.42/dozen
Large Minnows $6.64/dozen
Cisco $8.99/pack
Sucker Minnows $1.60 each (limited availability)

1/4 lb. $14.00
1/2 lb. $26.00
1 lb.  $48.00

1/2 flat (250) $50.00
Full flat (500) $100.00

Keep in mind Ontario’s 13% sales tax is added on to these prices.  For large quantities of bait we’d recommend calling Red Lake Marine to reserve (807-727-2747).  If you decide to bring bait with you, remember live minnows and leeches are not permitted across the border.  You can bring nightcrawlers as long as they are in bedding and not dirt.

Your last question must be how many leeches are in a pound? I have no idea, but I imagine this depends on several factors.  How well have the leeches been sleeping?  What are they eating?  Of which specific leech family are they members?  If someone decides to count, let me know!

onny did not give me permission to use this picture – hope it’s ok Donny!

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