We know what you’re wondering.  “Where have you guys been?!”  Yeah, we kinda dropped off the map for awhile there.  We both had a busy winter fulfilling our offseason job commitments and working on some house projects.  We also spent months training for and competing in the Illinois Marathon this past weekend.  Both of us were able to break the 3 hour barrier which was a satisfactory conclusion to our training.  Now it is finally time to completely shift gears to our summer up north.

We are making final preparations to head to the lodge later this week.  Complete ice out is expected to occur tomorrow so we will have some extra time this year to prepare for the first week of guests.  We have a variety of posts planned including a look back to last season plus what you can expect in 2016.  Also, I am finally processing some pretty interesting statistics from my never-ending fishing data analysis so we can share some fun facts from that too.

Just like last season our goal will be to post daily.  We know that will be a challenge and there will be days it doesn’t happen, but there will be plenty of posts coming your way to keep you updated on life at Eagle Falls Lodge and to get you excited for your trip!

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