26 Days Until Our Season Opener {The Fish}

During the many years of visiting Eagle Falls Lodge we learned what a special and unique place it was and as we moved forward purchasing the lodge from Travis and Carrie we felt a deep commitment not only to the Mack’s but to all of their loyal guests to ensure that the legacy of the lodge is preserved. Our goal is to build upon the day to day operations and to remain committed to a strong conservation policy to help ensure the quality of both Parker Lake and Red Lake.

Our replica program represents our strong commitment to supporting conservation not only at our lodge but throughout the sport fishing industry in Canada. We understand the unique opportunity that each and everyone of us have in conservation and the positive effect that catch and release practices have on fisheries.

We again would like to say “thank you” to all of our guests for supporting our catch and release policies! It is only through your commitment that we can ensure a bright future of quality fisheries for our children to enjoy.

Congratulations to our 2017 Catch and Release Replica Winners

Travis Ison: Northern Pike, 43 inches — caught and released on Red Lake. ∨

Bob Wiese: Walleye, 28.5 inches — caught and released on Red Lake. ∨

Ben Schroder: Smallmouth Bass, 18 inches — caught and released on Parker Lake. ∨

As we move closer and closer to the beginning of our 2018 season, we wanted to reflect on our final (and maybe the best) part of Eagle Falls Lodge— the FISH! Aside from the friends and family, the fish have a magical way of bringing us all together. Sometimes in life, we get caught up with work and forget to enjoy the ones we love the most. Without the fish, Eagle Falls Lodge would not be the place it is today— a place where you can catch massive Northern Pike, world-class walleye, and have a thrilling adventure exploring both Red and Parker Lakes. So today the fish steal the show.

We have enjoyed seeing all the massive fish and we look forward to much more (hopefully massive) fish in this upcoming season. We appreciate everyone that shares your fish pictures with us and be on the lookout for your pictures on the 2017 Season Table in the main lodge! There are only a few more days until we start our journey to Red Lake, but more on that later. Also be on the lookout for some fishing statistics about our 2017 Season using data collected from our guests.

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