Ever wondered what an entire pallet of maple creme cookies looks like?

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Now you know! And knowing is half the battle.

Earlier this month we received our summer supply of maple creme cookies.  We have to take a roundabout approach to securing this many cookies.  The cookies are manufactured in Canada, but to get this many we are forced to purchase them from a wholesaler in the United States and import them back into Canada.  That’s crazy right?  Yes, very.  But you better believe we have tried to buy them in Canada.

We attempted to purchase them directly from the manufacturer, but to no avail.  The stores that sell them in Canada do not stock them consistently enough to supply our needs.  And the places where we can secure large quantities don’t sell this brand.  And we are brand specific.  Hence, the Canada to US back to Canada supply chain.

We stock plenty for our guests to enjoy them all season plus take a package or two home.  Can’t wait for your trip to enjoy some cookies?  The same Canadian company manufactures the maple creme cookies for Trader Joe’s.  So if you live near one you are in luck!  Otherwise we’ll keep the cookie jar full at the lodge.

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