A date night in Red Lake, Ontario

You might think you are on the wrong blog right now.  Hang with me.

We just finished our first week of guests and are really settling into the groove of our summer schedule.  This routine includes lots of cooking, dishes, gassing of boats, loading and unloading, hanging out with guests, long hours, and to-do lists.  It is typically void of most things leisure and our “dating season” is officially closed.  It is a small sacrifice to make for the awesome summer ahead.

Just when I think I have Travis figured out, he completely surprises me.  Last Friday, our last day before groups arrived, we were busy wrapping up a bunch of projects and cleaning.  At about 5:30, Travis told me to go get in the shower and get ready for our date.  I laughed.  What date?  We still had stuff to do and I was sure this was Travis being clever and making light of the workload ahead.

Nope.  He was surprising me with a legitimate date night!  That guy, I tell ya, is kind of the best.

He had found out about a movie screening premiere (I kid you not) that was in Red Lake that weekend at the Heritage Center and had purchased two tickets.  It was a documentary about the gold mining industry in Red Lake and was directed by a guy that grew up in the area.  It had just premiered at some film festivals and the Heritage Center was hosting three showings in Red Lake with a Q & A with the director afterwards.  How cool is that?

A Rock and a Hard Place
was filmed over five years in Red Lake by Cliff Caines and “provides a portrait of Red Lake, a northern Canadian town that is build atop one of the world’s richest gold mines.”  It was an excellent film that really shared the story of the entire community and how the modern day gold-rush has impacted the people and the town.  Here is a link to website, for those interested in the film.

We got to hear from the director himself and enjoy delicious refreshments (provided by the gold mine, of course) and for a brief moment all the madness of fishing lodge ownership vanished.  We were just two people, enjoying a night on the town.  I even put on my fancy town pants for the occasion!  Travis and I both expect a lot from our partnership -as business owners and as spouses.  And I think that is good.  I am so thankful that he has the uncanny ability of recognizing when I need a break and doesn’t ask questions, but instead provides the perfect escape.  I am also thankful that our partnership doesn’t require living miles below ground mining for gold!

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  1. Terry Tigges

    Awesome!!! Sounds like you 2 had a GR8 night! Nicely done Travis!

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