A Day in the Life of Cosmo

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Since today is apparently “national dog day” (whatever that means) we thought you all were overdue for an update from Cosmo, so here is the puppy boy himself highlighting some of his daily routine….

Hi everyone!  Carrie asked if I would share what I do in a typical day here at Eagle Falls Lodge, and she thought people might like to hear it straight from me.  I don’t do a lot on the computer, so she will help me with the tapping (or is it typing?) parts.

6am – The same beep goes off each morning at this time.  Carrie must like it because she always gets up right at the same time.  I think it is a bit obnoxious, and I am usually pretty sleepy still.  Carrie walks over to give me a few pats and makes sure I am tucked in my blankie before she leaves the room.  I wonder who tucks her into her blankie?  Travis probably helps.

7:30am – After I do some stretching – stretching is SO important! – I saunter out into the main lodge to make sure everything is right on schedule.  Usually there are some of my friends drinking the smelly stuff (I think its called coffee) and chatting at the tables.  I go say good morning and get one of them to let me outside to do my business. Next, I peek in on Carrie in the kitchen.  What I don’t understand is how she can cross that line between the kitchen and hallway so easily, but I know I’m not supposed to.  I have to stay in the hall, it is very important to remember this.

8am – Breakfast is served.  I know this because someone rings the dinner bell outside.  This is one of my favorite parts of the day!  Once I hear the clatter of plates from all the people lining up to eat I know I can go check my food bowl for my cereals.  And fresh water.  I really prefer fresh water only, so sometimes I have to stand there for a second and look at Carrie or Travis until they remember to refresh my water bowl.  Hydration is so important.

8:30-8:45am – Chore time!  I “vacuum” the main lodge after everyone is finished with breakfast.  I usually offer assistance and support to those packing lunches as well.  Then I retreat to my “spot” right between the kitchen and the hallway while Carrie does the dishes.  Carrie says I’m like a speed-bump.  I don’t know what that is, but it sounds super fast!

9am – I keep Travis and Carrie company as they eat their breakfast.  I don’t know why they wait that long – I would be STARVING!  By this time I am getting pretty sleepy.  I get either Travis or Carrie to go tuck me back into bed for my morning nap.

11:30am – I check in on the main lodge and kitchen to see what is going on.  I might go outside for a bit to check on things as well.  Sometimes Carrie is cooking or getting things out of the storage room, so I usually help with that.  I really like when people come back to camp for a shore lunch, because then I get to hang out with them outside while they fry their fish on the patio.  I try to be helpful when I can at camp, because it seems like people like me to hang out with them.  My favorite part of the shore lunch is when they bring out the maple creme cookie jar!  I wish I could learn how to pick up the cookie jar and take it wherever I wanted.  I watch really carefully each time, but it just seems impossible for a puppy boy to do.

1pm – Usually about this time Carrie puts on her exercise clothes to workout.  She also brings out this blue foam mat for me to lay on and share while she jumps around for a while with the radio on.  I kind of think she should get one of her own mats, because she is always trying to scoot me off of it while she works out.  I don’t know if you know this, but she gets REALLY sweaty!  Super salty too.  She refers to me as “coach” which is probably pretty important, but really all I do is lay there and watch.  Sometimes I try and help and sniff around to figure out what the heck she is doing, but she doesn’t seem to think that is too helpful.

2-4pm – Time for my afternoon nap!  For this I really prefer to lay in the sun that shines into the main lodge on the lakeside. I like to lay right on the rug by the door out to the deck.  Sometimes people come in and it wakes me up a bit, but that is okay.  If it is cold or rainy, I will usually go back to my bed to be cozy.  If it is extra warm, I like to go out on the deck.  That way I can monitor everything outside and sniff the breeze.

4:40pm – I get a little anxious before supper.  I can’t help it!  I am so excited.  Everything Carrie and Travis have been cooking all day smells so good.  Everyone is coming in off the water, people are gathering and talking in the main lodge.  There is a lot of excitement!  Carrie calls it the “pre-supper jitters” when I start to thump my tail and obsessively follow her back and forth from the storage room to the kitchen.  Back and forth, back and forth.  But DON’T cross the line from the hallway to the kitchen!

5pm – Supper time!  This is my favorite meal of the day, because I get all my toppings.  I don’t really know what they are, but Carrie says they are good for me and that they will help my joints and my skin.  And then I get some treats for dessert.  Oh boy, I love dessert!  After I eat, I go back to my “spot” in the hallway.  I watch everyone scrape their plates and say thank you before they head back out to fish some more.  Lots of people complain that they are eating too much and the food is too good.  I only get one scoop each time I eat, I don’t understand about feeling too full.  Maybe they should just scoop out their food and then stop eating when it’s gone?

7pm – I head back outside again to check on some things.  Usually Travis is working on something, so I like to keep him company for awhile.

8pm – Almost time for bed! The day sure goes by fast here at camp.  I stay pretty busy and keep a full schedule, so I’m usually tuckered out by 8 or 9pm.  I have to get Travis or Carrie to let me out one more time before I can go to my bed.  I like to get tucked in and sometimes Carrie will sit with me and give me lots of pats while I fall asleep.  I love being up here!  Every day is so great!  I don’t know why people only come for a paw-full at a time.  They should stay all summer like us!

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