A Laundry Day Conundrum

Laundry Day for Eagle Falls usually lands on Fridays. It is part of the weekly cleaning magic that happens while guests are gone. However, sometimes it can be hard to knock out all our own laundry in addition to camp sheets, etc. And the hardest laundry to get done around here is definitely Cosmo’s blankies.

Don’t get me wrong, he is quite the helpful puppy boy.  He is always willing to be helping with the camp laundry.  Watching it get gathered, watching it go in the washer, standing by while it comes out, and laying outside monitoring as it gets placed on the line to dry.  He even dutifully follows around to each cabin to make sure everything gets put back just so.  So thorough.

But when it comes to his own laundry, there is a slight problem. He would rather you not. Just leave it be, he says. It takes him so long to get it nested in just right, with the right smells and right folds and flops. He has a pretty serious napping game, and his blankie status is key.  When we gather up our own laundry he guards his like a dog (see what I did there?) But alas, it is not to be avoided. There comes a point when it is apparent to everyone, except Cosmo, that the blankies must be washed. I can’t decide if it is better to prep him and coach him through it as I dismantle his nest. Or perhaps it is best to provide a distraction of sorts and quickly throw it in the washer while he is temporarily unawares. Either way, it gets him all worked up and leads to an exhausting day of what I can only imagine is him fretting if they will ever be returned. He spends the entire time unable to relax; without his prize nap zone he wanders restlessly looking and longing for his blankies. He will manage a few unsatisfying naps in the sun out on the deck, perhaps, but his mind is preoccupied with the crisis at hand.

Once said crisis is properly cleaned and line-dried with a bit of crisp edge that comes with drying outside in the sun, I can barely get his bed set up without him trying to be on it, in it, and under it. Finally, after a LONG day, he collapses. Happy to have visual confirmation that they have, in fact, returned. He wastes no time nestling them around. Because as wonderful as it is to have them back, they don’t smell quite right and they feel a bit stiff. Always working, that puppy boy. No wonder he needs so much rest.


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