A Little Piece of Heaven on Earth for Everyone {Week 14}

Our guests this week truly represented what Eagle Falls Lodge is all about! Week 14’s group included the following guests:

  • Phil and Kyle Krohn, who are guests that have been coming to Eagle Falls Lodge for many, many years. They were here to prepare for following week’s Red Lake Fall Classic Walleye Tournament.
  • Larry Klug, who was here for his third time this year!
  • Travis Ison, along with several members from the prior week were staying over for some more quality pike fishing!
  • Clint Seaman, who was the winner of our trip give away at the Bloomington Sport Show. Clint also brought a couple of friends to Eagle Falls Lodge for their first experience.
  • John Aspenleiter group who have been coming to Eagle Falls Lodge for many years.
  • Dave Hanus and his son Richard were here as first time guests eager to experience Canadian fishing at its best!

Everyone had a great time fishing and getting to know each other, sharing memorable fish stories, strategies, and fishing techniques. Please note that there wasn’t many pictures this week because everyone was busy fishing, but thanks to Ken and Carl Schlabach for filming some drone footage showing what a little piece of heaven on earth really looks like! Our website cannot support the file size of the drone videos, but if you click this link we have posted them to our Facebook Page and you can view them there: {Drone Video 1 and Drone Video 2}

Thank you to each and every one of you for making Eagle Falls Lodge what it is— a little piece of “HEAVEN!”

Ken Schlabach with a Northern Pike!

Bryan Robison with a massive 45″ Northern Pike!

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