A new camp record!

Hello everyone,

We had an awesome small mouth bass caught on Parker Lake last night.  The guys who caught it thought it had to be a large mouth bass because of its size!  It measured in at 23 inches, which crushed the previous camp record.  Going into the season we had a camp record of 18 inches, which was tied in June and then beat out by Betty’s 19 inch small mouth in July.  See this post for a picture of her 19 inch fish.  We were all pretty excited last night in the lodge!  Congratulations to Jesse of Madison, WI.  He pretty much has a guaranteed spot in the Christmas letter.  Who knows what today will bring?  

That is what is so completely awesome about coming up here.  You never know what type and size of fish you will bring in the boat.  Everyone was pretty pumped and hopeful this morning that today would be THE day for them!  
Weather has continued to be gorgeous, but the temperatures are definitely starting to drop.  Later this week will have temperatures in the upper 50’s – low 60’s during the day, with it getting well into the 40’s at night.  Fall is right around the corner here in the north country!
Tonight is brisket night at camp.  For those of you who have been up already you know how awesome it is.  We have a special dessert treat tonight as well, thanks to a guest in camp.  More to come on that in the next blog post…
Take care,

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