Happy Monday everyone!

Travis and I spent part of our weekend checking and re-checking the reservation calendar for 2016. And we discovered something….we have NO availability left!  Zero. Zilch. Nadda.

Its not even Thanksgiving yet, and our calendar is full!  This is 100% due to our awesomely loyal guests that make our job WAY easier by rebooking ahead of time and keeping us posted on group size, etc. so we can accurately plan for the season ahead.  A HUGE thank you!

Now, if you fall into the group of folks that had yet to make a reservation, don’t lose hope! There are still several weeks between now and when deposits are due, so things can (and will) shift around.  The best thing for you to do is let us know what week you were hoping for and what size of group you have.  We can then place you on our waiting list and will contact you if something opens up.  We will also continue updating our availability page as things open up.  You can view the updated calendar here.

For those of you that are penciled in, but haven’t sent your deposit, we have a request: check in with you group and make sure your group count is accurate.  If it is, please keep in mind that deposits are required to hold the reservation (these are due in January). If not, contact us ASAP, so we can offer some of those spots to people on the waiting list.

How great was it to start your work week thinking about your trip to Eagle Falls Lodge next summer?  You are welcome!

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