A trio of three generations and a trio of birthdays

I know we are well into our 5th week (WHAT?!  How is that possible???) but I wanted to share some more from last week before I blink and it is August.

We have a fair amount of guys who either bring their son/daughter or grandson/granddaughter up to the lodge for a week of fishing, but last week we had three guests who brought up their son AND grandson for a trio of three generations!  How cool is that?  We hope these weeks are some that will never be forgotten and it is really cool to get to be a part of such a fun family memory.

Here is Skip, his grandson Ben, and his son John.  Skip has been coming up since before I was born!

Next up we have Dave, with his grandson Brandon, and his son Bill.  I believe Dave’s first trip up may have literally been the week I was born.

 Here is Jack, his grandson Cole, and his son-in-law Gene.  Jack is a friend of Skip’s from Arizona and has made the trip up the last few years, and decided to bring along some of his family this time.

Cole had his 13th birthday while he was up fishing last week.  
It gave us an excuse to make an extra chocolate-ty chocolate cake.   

Remember Randy’s 40 inch northern pike?  

Well, he also celebrated his birthday last week!  

Wait a second, I said a TRIO of birthdays….
I mean, what 27 year old doesn’t want a birthday crown?  Travis, his siblings, and our friend Mary-Jane definitely know how to make it fun.  I never know what my birthday will include up here at the Eagle Falls Lodge.  This year I got to go to Timbit Town (see the last post), enjoy a Margarita, and move a few boats – we are in Canada after all!  


  1. The best part of the last picture is the Cheesy Humpty Dumpty Snack Mix!

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