Cosmo was wanting to reach out to his fans and let you know some of his thoughts on the first week out at camp, so he asked if we could help him write the post. #nothumbs


CANADA!!!!! Canada, Canada, Canada, Canada, Canada.  They brought me back to my favorite place ever, and I get to be outside helping!  I am such a good helper.  I especially like to be the foreman that just monitors projects.  Sometimes I have to lay right in the middle of things to make sure it is going smoothly (aka Carrie pays more attention to me than the task at hand).

The opening of camp seems to be going well.  Travis spent a lot of time cleaning out the big white tank up by the noisy thing in the woods so they could take a shower.  I don’t know what the big deal is, I tried to show them you can just walk out into the lake and get cleaned off just fine.  You guys – the lake!  I had my first swim a few days ago.  Very refreshing.  I am the luckiest puppy boy to just be able to roam free and swim and nap in the sun (except today it is raining, so I am in my cozy inside bed).  I’ve also been fairly busy listening to grouse drum their wings in the woods.  I have tried to find them to see what they are wanting, but they just fly away.

At first I was nervous that Carrie and Travis would want me to stay inside my room all the time like last summer, but they said as long as I take it pretty easy I can stay outside with them.  Sometimes it is still nice to take nap breaks so I don’t over do it.  Overall my leg is doing great!   I can run and jump and hop and swim, all of my favorite things.  Carrie does make me take what she calls “old man treats” but I just hear the word treats, so I don’t mind.

We are all working hard to make sure everything is ready to go for when you get here.  When do you get here?  Hopefully I will be trotting down the road to Red Lake to greet you!  I’ll be ready for extra pats and doggie bones.  Life is good!

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