Cosmo wanted to reach out to his fan base by writing another guest blog, so here he is…..

I thought they might when they started moving lots of things around at the house.  And then there were lots of boxes and bags.  And then everything went outside,which makes me nervous, so I tried to stay right with Travis or Carrie all the time.  I got to go to my friend Clancy’s house (aka Travis’ parents) for a few days so I could relax and not be so nervous about what was maybe happening that I didn’t quite know about.  I knew Carrie and Travis would be back, they always come back, so I just enjoyed swimming in the pond and eating extra treats.

When they came to pick me up the truck looked like this!

Were we going to go to Canada again?  Please oh please oh please oh please.  I was *mostly* good in the truck on the way up.  I just get so dang excited.  The people at the border are SO SLOW!  And then I can smell all of the smells that remind me of the best place in all of the world and I tried to tell Travis and Carrie to just LET ME OUT so I could just run and swim and I would meet them there.  I had to “lay down” (whatever that means) so many times in the truck that I just couldn’t contain myself!  When we got to the lake I bolted out of the truck and into the water.  It is so warm here!  Travis and Carrie spent a lot of time taking everything out of the truck, setting it onto the ground, then walking it up onto the barge.  That seemed like a lot of work.  Why would they move everything around so many times!?  I would have offered to help, but I don’t have thumbs, and I have a bad knee, and I was pretty busy securing the area.

FINALLY they finished loading everything and we headed across the water to camp.  This is pretty much the best day ever for me.  I don’t know too much about how to describe things to humans, but it is like my heart is swelling with so much happiness I can hardly contain myself. I want to run and wiggle until I explode and I am trying to smile and tell Travis and Carrie thank you, thank you thank you.

But what did we find at camp you ask?  I’ll let Carrie tell you all about it in the next post. Its my nap time.  See you all soon!

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