A word from Cosmo

Hello humans.  Cosmo here.  Carrie told me that people liked my blog post from a few weeks ago, so she is helping me write another one.

Life at the lodge has been pretty good these last few weeks.  I’m not really sure what a “week” is, all the days seem pretty similar if you ask me.  I guess there are different smells coming from the kitchen each day and new friends arrive and depart every now and again, but for me it all kind of runs together.

One of Carrie’s favorite people came last week – her mama!  She is so nice and gives me lots of extra pats and talks to me like I’m one of the humans.  She even talked Carrie and Travis into letting me swim again.  Boy it was a blast!  I really miss getting to do all that fun stuff and she thought it would be therapeutic for my leg.  It was so nice to splash around and play with everyone else for a while.  But I have to remember to keep taking it easy, even though I think I might be feeling much better.

I just patiently wait at the door and watch from the window as people come and go.  I still have to go to my room and take lots of extra naps, but I’ve gotten to spend a little more time in the main lodge recently as well.  My favorite thing to do is lay in the sun on the deck in the afternoon while Carrie is busy in the kitchen.  She spends SO much time in there it seems.

I have also discovered that there are some baby woodchucks milling about.  Can you believe it?  Man, I REALLY want to catch one and sniff around where they have been grazing but Travis doesn’t seem to think that is a good idea.  He watches me very closely when I get to go outside to do my business and always makes me go right back inside.  Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to dream of them instead.

I’ve been able to see a lot of good friends so far this summer and I’m looking forward to your visit soon!


  1. I miss you Cosmo! Bones will be happy that you posted again!

    And, Carrie, it was impossible for me to read this in a regular “voice.” Only your Cosmo voice could be heard!

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