Its hard to believe Travis and I left Eagle Falls four whole weeks ago already.  Its even harder to believe that Halloween is next week!

The first month back is always a weird pocket of time.  There is a lot of excitement to see friends and family, eating foods we have missed, see our house in Illinois, letting our brains binge on social media and news in attempt to catch up with everything happening in the world, devote some much needed time to fantasy football line-ups, and rest.  Oh, the glorious rest.

After we come out of this post-season dream like state and adjust to our Illinois reality, there are definitely some mixed feelings.  It is hard to keep track of a cell-phone after not dealing with one for 5 months.  It is hard for both of us to head out everyday for work knowing it won’t be with each other, outside, tackling projects together.  I caught myself sending a text message the other day making plans to meet for coffee in the morning and I was struck by the absurdity of the whole thing.  That simple act of connecting with a friend, making plans to buy over-priced caffeine in a disposable cup is something I long for all summer long, and all of a sudden I wished I could just walk into the kitchen at the lodge, turn on the coffee percolator, and enjoy the remote quietness of the early morning.

That being said, I can’t tell you how happy I am being less than 5 minutes from the store if I need grab an ingredient for dinner.  I can’t tell you how happy I am to wake up and go for a run, right out my front door.  To challenge my brain and skill set in a totally different direction at work.  Travis and I might just go to the movies tonight – you GUYS, the movie THEATER!!

So, I think both parts are good.  It still amazes me that I have lucked into getting both parts.  Being here AND there is such a blessing.  We probably don’t thank the people that help to make all this possible enough.

I don’t know that there is a point to any of this, except maybe try and enjoy the moment you are in, whenever and wherever that might be.  And take someone to the movies – it just might make them smile.

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