All in a day’s work

We had a guest experience a once-in-a-lifetime triple out on the water yesterday.  Larry caught three northern pike all over 40 inches yesterday – all while fishing for walleye!

It all started with this baby of a fish (42″):
Larry was busy trolling for walleye with a night crawler and a harness when he caught this teeny 40.5″ fish a bit later:
And to finish out his day, he went ahead a snagged another 44″ (his second of the week).  I know, you can probably hardly make it out in the picture.  DSCN0410
I think Larry is a little worried people won’t believe him, but his boat partners will gladly vouch on all three monster fish.  They are hoping to get some fishing in of their own today – I know they probably felt like all they did yesterday was stand by at the ready with the net!

Not bad for a day’s work, huh?

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