Update:  Cellular service appears to be restored in our area.  We should be able to receive emails and phone messages at the lodge now.  

That was a stretch, but I couldn’t resist the pun.

Last week when Shawn and Jeffrey were here, they had a few goals in mind.  One of which was to have Jeffrey catch a northern pike on a specific lure.  Not just any lure.  This lure has been in the family for years.  Jeffrey’s great grandfather, grandfather, and father have all caught northern pike on this EXACT lure!  Jeffrey is the 4th generation to be added to the lineup.  How fun is that?


I am such a sucker for things like this.  But it begs to question, would you put that lure away for 20+ years until Jeffrey has a chance to take his future kids fishing to ensure its safety OR do you continue to use it because it has obviously proven itself, but know that there is a risk it might get lost at the bottom of the lake?  I’d totally use it and Travis would most definitely hoard it away to preserve the tradition.  To each his own.

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