An evening on the lake

Good evening everyone!

Travis and I just came in off the water for the last time this season.  It was one of those perfectly calm evenings with yet another breathtaking sunset.  It was as if every creature was aware of our imminent departure and came out to say goodbye one last time.  Most of the loons have migrated I think, but to hear their haunting cry is absolutely moving.  We could see its silhouette on the water while it swam in the bay.  The beavers were out being very busy (as always) and we had one come right up to the boat.  Travis was casting into a weed bed as a last attempt for a smallmouth bass this season and we cut the motor.  The instant silence is totally awesome.  Out of nowhere we could hear an incredible snorting sound.  It had to be a bull moose and we could hear it just off shore into the woods for a good 10 minutes.  I had never heard that before and it was something.  As the sun was setting, bats fluttered around us eating the last of the summer’s bugs.  Sometimes it takes these quiet moments for me to truly appreciate how lucky I have been.  The end of the season is always tougher on Travis, it breaks my heart to watch him have to leave this place he loves so very much.  But how truly truly lucky we are.  We are here for five months a year – and find happy, unforgettable moments each day.  And the view from the office isn’t bad either.

As we docked the boat I asked Travis what he was thinking about.  His response: “I was thinking about how cool it would be if we could get a camp boat up into a tree.”  I kid you not.  That guy is unpredictable.  But you have to admit, a camp boat tree house does sound kind of amazing.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday and a good start to the week.  We will be traveling home early next week.  As much as I look forward to Chinese food, being able to talk to family and friends, quick runs to the grocery store, and settling back into our Illinois life, our Eagle Falls Lodge portion of life is pretty darn grand.

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