Greetings from up north!

We are well into our first week of Canadian wilderness and it is proving to be an adventure!  We crossed the border last weekend and played the waiting game until Tuesday, when we decided to attempt crossing Parker Lake.  We wanted to make it an honest challenge, so we waited until it had snowed and was holding steady at 35-40 degrees with not a ray of sunshine to be seen.  Did I mention we also discovered my boots had a nice new tear on the side?  So yeah, before getting in the boat I had wet and frozen toes.  Oh, Canada.

We loaded the boat with bare essentials (ie: canned soup, granola bars, case of water, tool bag, flashlight, duct tape, keys, and Cosmo).  While pushing off from the icy shoreline I think both of us were full of optimism and confidence.  Just a reminder – it is a solid 7 mile boat ride from the back end of Parker to where the lodge is located.  In ideal/normal conditions it will take you less than 20 minutes.


After rounding that first corner (and entering the part of the lake that we couldn’t see in our scouting missions) we saw that there were still some formidable ice chunks floating around.  It might be more accurate to say the lake was still completely covered in ice at certain points.  Cue panic and plummeting optimism.  It’s okay, right?  We still have 3.5 hours of daylight!  Full steam ahead!  As we neared the first iceberg of the evening, Cosmo decided it was high time to jump right out of the boat.  He is THE worst in the boat sometimes.  I can’t fathom what he was thinking, but Travis hauled him back into the boat and gave him a stern talking to.

I bet you want to know what happened next?!?  Check back in for the second installment of our icy crossing!

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