An overdue update (of sorts)

Oh my gosh.  I had no idea how long it had been since the last post.  I’d like to blame someone or something, so I came up with this list:

My stupid leg:
The EXACT day of the last post (January 28th) I tore my peroneal tendon in my right ankle/foot.  I was in full training mode for some spring marathons, so this was a HUGE let down.  I spent 4 weeks in a walking boot to immobilize my foot.  After a lot of rehab and rest, I am on the mend.  Big bummer.  Cosmo thought I should be kept shut in the bedroom indefinitely because that’s what HE had to do last summer.  #neverforget

Travis hasn’t even hit his busiest point in the spring yet, but I have been extra “active” at work for the last month or so.  My mom doesn’t like using the word busy, and she’s right – it is definitely overused.  She prefers the term “active” instead.  I love my job!  Its just been following me home a bit more recently.  Travis’ job doesn’t follow him home necessarily, it just keeps him from actually ever getting to COME home.  April is always crazy for him.

For those of you who know Travis’ sister, Mercer, she has kept us busy with basketball games and indoor track the last few months.  She is a beast of a defensive player.  Right now she is working at chipping away at her 800 meter PR in track.  That is what Travis ran in high school, so he especially gets a kick out of watching her race and giving her advice.  Mercer does a good job of acting interested.  We have also enjoyed having Travis’ other sister, Whitney, around again.  She relocated to Peoria to start her residency program, so we hang out with her whenever we get the chance.

Friends are the best.  We have embraced the 48 hour weekend vacation strategy and tried to visit or host those we love and miss.  It always goes too fast!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, winter is the WORST.  Don’t get me wrong, I definitely appreciate a picturesque snowfall around the holidays, but the whole 4 months of pure freezing winter with not a single break?  I. CAN. NOT. HANDLE.  I realize that most of you reading this probably had it worse than I did, and for that I am sorry.  Truly.  BUT!  I LOVE the spring forward time change.  Getting those extra evening hours of daylight is delightful.  The time change was accompanied by some of the most pleasant springlike weather as well.  Thus, consequently, avoiding being inside on a computer writing blogs.

I am happy to report that Cosmo is doing quite well.  He especially doesn’t like it when we come home after a day at work to do MORE typing on that blasted machine thingy.  He much prefers floor wrestling, walks around the block, and having our full attention.  He has even started running again!  Last weekend he ran 2 miles very successfully.  We are so happy with how his leg is doing and are confident that this summer at the lodge will be much more enjoyable for him.

So as you can see, all valid reasons as to why we haven’t been posting – ha!  Consider the drought over my friends, because in 57 short days (!?!?!) walleye season will be open.  Can you believe it?


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