Another ice-out update

If you’re coming to the lodge late in the summer you are probably getting sick of ice-out updates.  But, we are still getting plenty of questions on the ice status from the folks coming in May & June so here is today’s update.

Rain and wind did some great work on the ice today.  Here are some photos taken mid-day.

photo 2

Same photo direction we have been posting looking east towards town.  The open water has gone past the little island all the way out the big island we like to call “Terrier Island”.

photo 1

The view looking west down the lake towards Young’s Bay.  All open water up to the west end of “Terrier Island”

We brought out the solar spotlight on the point for those of you who like to fish up to dusk or a bit after to help you find our bay after dark.

photo 3

My best guess on the rest of the ice being gone is Wednesday or Thursday.  We’ll let you know when Red Lake is ice free!

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