Army worm invasion!

This is Whitney Mack, Travis’ sister and Carrie’s sister-in-law, filing a guest report regarding an invasion of army worms!  The local radio station warned that large numbers (divisions made up of platoons) of army worms crossing roadways could cause slick road conditions which makes me laugh.  However, I do plan on keeping an eye out for these invaders on the drive home.  I was enjoying this public service announcement when an army worm plopped like pudding on the back of my fishing partner Carson’s neck as we were waiting to eat dinner.

Some recon revealed this aerial footage*:

army worm

From the ground these scouts look like this*:

army worm1

*Please note that these images may have been staged by the collection of army worms and I do not understand why they would not stay in rank and file.

Normally I would research these army worms and see if they pose a threat beyond slick roadways, but there is water to cover, fish to catch and animals to see.  Will you tell me about them?



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