Bait of the Year!

Our Bait of the Year award for the 2010 season goes to Nubaits for their line of fish dominating lures. These lures boasted a better catch ratio than any other Northern or Muskie lure we tried this past season so needless to say, we were impressed!

Check out their website –

They have five different lures to pick from with the ability to customize your lure’s components with your trusted colors. My personal favorites were the white-tailed “Maverick” (above) and the Red-tailed “Chopper” (below) which outperformed my Mepps on more than one occasion. Also check out the three-bladed “Trippler”. It looks wild, but yielded several nice-sized fish.

Let us know if you have some favorites that we may not know about. We love checking out new lures and we’re certainly glad we found these!

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