Barge departure times

Just a quick reminder on the times the barge (aka Miss Merry Mack) casts off her lines each week.


For Saturday arrival we aim to leave the dock by 2pm.  We are usually in town by noon to run a couple errands.  If you are new or don’t remember the way out to the landing, Travis checks in at Red Lake Marine a couple times between 12:30 and 1:30ish and can lead you out to the barge.

For Friday departure when multiple groups are in camp the barge leaves at 7am.  The scheduled 7am departure time was not a result of grizzled camp owners being set in our ways.  This was actually one of the most requested items from guests in the 2015 season.  The hope is this will allow for better planning on your return trip including scheduling flights and hotels.  See you on Miss Merry Mack soon!

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