Beautiful sunsets, Birthdays, Bonfires and of course Big Fish

We often reflect on what makes Eagle Falls Lodge so special and realized that it is a collection of many different things that we all enjoy. From awesome sunsets, listening to all of the stories at the end of the day about the monsters caught or those that got away, relaxing and enjoying one another’s friendship, celebrating birthdays, to enjoying bonfires and smores.¬†Week four featured them all, enjoy the pictures.

Doug and Todd Oehler looking sharp and getting ready for some serious fishing, and did they ever!!!

Todd Oehler preparing his s’more during our weekly bonfire tradition.

The Wochner brothers enjoying some good old fashion SMORES.

Paul and Tom made a return visit to Eagle Falls Lodge and are enjoying playing cards after a long day of fishing. Thanks for the return visit we appreciate it!

John and Leonard Wochner celebrating their 79th birthday,” Happy Birthday to two fine young men”!

One thing we never get tired of is these Beautiful sunsets here on Red Lake.

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