Big Belated Birthday Blog

We busted our daily post streak yesterday, but for good reason.  Carrie celebrated her 28th birthday and we welcomed one of our bigger groups this season.

There really aren’t any days off at the lodge so Cosmo and I do our best to carry the workload so Carrie can enjoy her special day.  She did receive some great gifts such as Labrador print rubber boots (her other pairs have holes in them) and a new freezer for the storage room.  What girl doesn’t have giant freezer on her wish list?

She also enjoyed her very own coconut cake from Antonio’s in Red Lake.   Delicious!



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  1. So Jealous! There are things like that on my wish list also….but too bad my birthday is in October. How was the cake? Maybe we will have to have a girls lunch and eat some more at the restaurant!

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