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Good evening!

Just finished a whole mess of dishes – lots of happy plates tonight!  Travis did a great job on the barbeque chicken, like always.  We have been busy this week with a mix of old and new guests at the lodge.  Everyone is having fun and we have enjoyed some excellent fish stories.  Weather wise we have had lots of rain during the evening and overnight.  Sunday night we had a HUGE lightning storm with thunder and heavy rain.  Thankfully there was no storm damage.  We did, however, get some surprise guests trying to avoid the storm.  Three couples from Red Lake had been out on the water that evening and got caught in the storm, so they decided to get off the water and come up to the lodge.  They ended up staying for a few hours and didn’t attempt getting back to town until close to 11pm.  We were happy to have them seek shelter with us and it turned into a huge Olympic viewing party with everyone hanging out in the main lodge.  Super fun!  It has been interesting to watch the Olympics on some of the Canadian networks, because they focus much more on the Canadian athletes.

Anywho, back to big fish.

This first picture is one from when Travis’ relatives were up a few weeks ago.  Megan caught this 26.5″ walleye on Red Lake on our Muskie rod, of all things.  We had every rod, reel, net, and piece of tackle loaned out that week.  We may need to get some more back up equipment, it was the first time we had to equip about 20 people at one time!

Next up is a 19″ smallmouth caught off Parker by a first time Eagle Falls guest.  Very exciting to see such a nice smallmouth come out of the lake up here.

George is up here this week and caught a nice 38″ northern yesterday off of Red Lake.

His fishing partner, Dave, caught a 42″ northern on Red Lake earlier in the week.  That puts him in a four way tie for biggest northern of season – 2 caught off Red Lake, and 2 caught off Parker.  I better see if I can go fishing with them in their boat before they leave – it must be lucky!

We will be back this weekend with more pictures of big fish from this past week.

Take care,

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