Big fish, little fish

Good morning!

Another beautiful morning here in Red Lake!  It looks to be nice and clear, but our guests found out this week that can change in a hurry.  We had a big storm roll in on Wednesday afternoon in a matter of minutes and most of our guests were still way out west on Red Lake.  I’m talking huge wind gusts, bolts of lightning and thunder, and HEAVY rain.  Everyone did exactly as they should and eventually made it back to camp.  The storm moved through fast, because the sky was clear and sun was shining by the end of supper.  Makes for a good story to tell folks back home, I suppose.

I even managed to sneak some time out on the lake this week – thanks to some very generous guests willing to arrange their fishing to come pick me up and drop me back off.  I caught some nice fish and it was just perfect weather for being out in the boat.  One of my more interesting catches was this little perch fella.  Would you believe John and I were doing the EXACT same thing and he caught a 23″ walleye, while I got a perch that wasn’t even as long as the crawler I was using.  See the crawler hanging down on the left side of my fish?  I guess thats why they call it fishing.

We were in Don’s boat, and here he is with a nice 25 inch walleye off of Red Lake.

These other pictures were from another group up this week who enjoyed some nice shore lunches during their trip.  Looks like they had fun and ate well!

Their shore lunch may even rival our Monday night fish fry…better step up my game.

Have a great weekend!


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