Boat Amenity Added

Greetings to you this fine day.  Some of you may have noticed a new addition on the boats.  If not, here’s a look.


So now it’s pop quiz time.  This is:

A. GPS Tracking Device
B. Hole Patch
C. Cupholder
D. Emergency Beacon

Scroll down for the answer –








If you answered “C” Cupholder, you are correct!  Remember, always guess “C” if you don’t know the answer.


We added cupholders to the front and back of the boats so you can secure your water bottle or soda can.  No more bouncing around the bottom of the boat!



  1. Travis, I am already thinking about 2016 and have been doing research for lake chips for my Lowrance fish finder. I am looking for a good chip that shows contour lines for Red Lake, if it showed Parker that would be a bonus, but Red Lake is my main concern. Do you have any idea what is the best chip for Red Lake?

    Hope you and Carey are doing well along with the rest of your family.

    Thanks in advance,

    Jack Hughes

    • eaglefallslodge

      Hi Jack, the best chip we have seen is the Navionics Canada chip. It is far from perfect, but the best available from what we have seen. Take care, Travis

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