Boat Name Champion – Captain Cosmo!

Congrats to John A. Jr. who suggested the winning boat name “Captain Cosmo”!  His name defeated MuskeLund 75%-25% in the final.  John will receive a $50 Cabela’s gift card.  We’ll also randomize the voter list and select one voter to receive a $25 gift card.  Thank you to everyone for your creative boat names and votes!  We’ll paint the new name and christen Captain Cosmo later this week.

Here was Cosmo’s reaction on hearing his namesake was victorious.  Hard to tell if that’s jubilation or “It’s 10pm.  Why am I not in bed?”  

You can view the full boat name bracket results here.  

In other news, Phil & Kyle had a terrific first day at the Red Lake Fall Classic.  They are currently in 6th place out of 135 boats.  They landed a 24″ walleye and a 26.5″ walleye which certainly aided the cause.  The 26.5″ fish weighed 6.5 pounds.  They are only about a pound out of first place which is pretty exciting.  We’ll let you know how they do in the 2nd and final day of the tournament tomorrow.  You can check out day 1 results here.  They are not currently posted, but should show up anytime.  

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