Boat Name Contest – round 3 open!

You know the drill.  Round three is now open for voting!  Help us whittle the pool down from sixteen to eight.  Here is the link to vote –

Some factoids from round two:

Only one of the four Cosmo variant names survived.  Captain Cosmo edged Cosmo’s Cutter in a battle of the Cosmos.

USS Dwight D Wall-Eisenhower and EagleFalls One remained deadlocked despite some votes rolling in just under the wire.  We had to move to the “best of three coin flip tiebreak”.  Wall-Eisenhower took the tiebreak to advance.

There were several tight races which was expected.  What was not expected was for two landslides.  Fin for Yourself advanced with a staggering 93% of the vote and What’s Up Dock secured 86% to dominate round two.

On to round three!

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