Boat Name Contest round two now open!

The 2nd round of the Eagle Falls boat naming contest is now open. If you missed out on voting in round one – no worries!  You can still vote in round two.  Register for free at and paste this link in your browser –

We’ll keep round two open until Tuesday evening around 10pm. The field was narrowed from 64 potential names down to 32 during the voting yesterday and today. Congrats if your name advanced with a win in round one!

Here are some interesting tidbits (or Timbits) from round one:

The field of 64 included six various names featuring Cosmo. That puppy has a following. Four of the six names advanced giving Cosmo his best chance yet of getting his name on a boat.

British favorite Boaty McBoatface was narrowly defeated in a surprising round one upset by Nauti Buoy. Boaty McBoatface may have won the hearts of the British public, but the Eagle Falls family gave it a big thumbs down.

Several names emerged as early favorites in round two by capturing over 80% of the vote in round one. They include Lone Wolf, Captain Cosmo, Expecto to Floatum, Mack’s Mic Drop, Cosmo Launcher, Fahrfrumwurkin, 26.2, & Fin For Yourself. Which one will be ripe for a big upset in round two?

USS Dwight D Wall-Eisenhower and Smallie Chaser eeked out narrow wins in the first round. The competition gets stiffer in round two so we’ll see if they can find their groove. Good luck!

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