Boat Name Voting Open!

Thank you to everyone for submitting boat name ideas.  The amount of response we received was incredible!  We have the field of 64 boat names set and there will be one round of voting each day.  Rounds will run approximately 10pm to 10pm.  You can vote now!  Here is the link: 

You do have to create a Free account on  We know that’s a pain, but it is free and was the easiest site we found for managing the bracket.  To encourage you to vote, we will also randomly select one voter to receive a $25 Cabela’s gift card.  And there’s still a $100 Cabela’s gift card up for grabs if your boat name idea takes the crown!

This tournament works similar to the March Madness basketball tournament so don’t forget to vote each day this week as the field is whittled down.  Check back in again after 10pm tomorrow night to vote in the next round.  Good luck to everyone!


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