A few weeks ago we had a very generous guest at the lodge.  Well more than one actually, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

Bob retired this past year and started baking custom order cakes and other sweet treats for family and friends.  He has become quite popular in the Kansas City area from what we hear.  He was also generous enough to bring not one, but TWO, beautiful carrot cakes all the way up to Canada!  He even told me I didn’t need to share, but these cakes were HUGE!  I think everyone who was here and got to try this cake out would agree that is was ridiculously good.
I tell ya, the guys who come up here have figured out that I am easily won over with sweet treats and extra goodies.  Food is my thing people.
A big thank you to Bob!  You can check him out on Facebook here.

Oh!  If you are wondering who the other generous guest is, lets just say we have a guest who owns his own ice cream shop.  Two shops.  Would you believe he brought freshly packed ice cream all the way up to Canada?  Don’t worry, I shared that too.  More on him later…

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