Camp Update and Projects Around The Lodge

We continue to improve Eagle Falls Lodge, check out all of our projects!

There have been many shore lunches on the Parker Picnic table, but we thought it was time for an update.

Check out our improved picnic table and shore lunch area on Parker. In addition to this picnic table, you will notice three new tables around camp. One near the Parker boat dock, one on the patio, and one at the bonfire area!

We have lots of new signage around the camp to help first-time guests, make things fun, and give everyone a well-deserved laugh { i.e. Frog X-Crossing}

Here is our new boat trailer to better facilitate moving boats when needed to accommodate our guests.

Here is our new refrigerator to update our kitchen.

Even behind the scenes, we continue to improve camp. You will notice new solar lights all throughout camp as well as a new water pump in the fish house. Also, we replaced all the lifejackets on camp. You will find a life jacket on the back of each boat seat. We still have some smaller ones available for kids in the fish house and barge. We have recently purchased a backup generator capable of running the entire camp to ensure we are constantly able to provide our guests with electricity in the event of an emergency with our larger generator.

We are truly excited about the lodge and its future and we look forward to hearing any thoughts on our current projects and any future suggestions on how we can improve Eagle Falls Lodge!

Take care,

The Holiski’s

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