Camp Update

Hey everyone!

A recent picture of Cosmo hard at work, good grief. At least he keeps himself entertained.

Our second week just wrapped up and it was great! We had a full camp and several kids that had a blast getting out on the water and catching fish. The weather cooperated for the most part and I managed to get out on the water and get a nice sunburn on my face. Travis’ family was up this past week and they had fun exploring and did lots of portages onto some of the smaller lakes.

Yesterday afternoon I portaged into Coin Lake with Travis’ dad and sister and we tried our hand at catching a big Muskie. No luck there, but nice eater sized walleye and a big perch. Looks like it will be warm this weekend, and the last few days the water temperature has been steadily rising on Red Lake. Guys have been marking it in the upper 50’s out on Red Lake. The water level is high right now as well, with all the rain we got in the last 10 days. We have another big group headed in tomorrow morning, so I guess I better get my town supply run wrapped up and head back out to camp.

In other news: We had a surprise visitor in camp last weekend. A black bear wandered into camp! We didn’t see any last season, and haven’t seen this one since he came by last Thursday. Since Cosmo has turned into a lazy old man, he missed the whole thing because he was in bed. Never a dull moment out here. We can’t wait to see you during your visit and are having a blast so far during the 2011 season!

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