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We have had a few questions recently regarding what you can and cannot bring into Canada from the United States.  So, being the nice folks we are, we thought we would try and cover the basics here on the blog.

Below we have listed the most commonly asked about items which you may have considered while planning your trip to Eagle Falls Lodge.  Each amount listed is the limit for taking into Canada duty free:

1. Alcoholic beverages -you are allowed to import only one of the following amounts (per person):
    – 1 case of beer
    – 1.5 liters of wine
    – 1.14 liters of liquor

2. Tobacco products (per person):
    – 200 cigarettes
    – 50 cigars
    – AND 200 grams of tobacco

3. Live bait – you can bring night-crawlers into Canada as long as they are in artificial bedding or newspaper.  You may NOT bring live minnows or leeches.

4. Firearms and other weaponsNOT ALLOWED.  We are a fishing lodge only, therefore no hunting weapons or firearms of any kind are allowed at the Canadian border.

5. Food, plant, and animal related products – Please go to this link for up-to-date regulations regarding various products and limits.  NOTE: Our package includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the duration of your stay; any food you choose to bring would be for travel time or snacks, etc.

The Canada Border Services Agency provides a lot of helpful information on their website, which you can visit here.  On the main home page they have a link on the left side specifically for non-residents, so far that applies to ALL our guests.  Still waiting for our first Canadian angler!  

For returning guests, what type of questions did you have before you crossed the border the first time?  Let us know if we left something out!

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