Checking off a few things on our not-so-small-to-do list

Good afternoon everyone!


Now that it is April – yikes, we’ve got to start thinking more seriously about our Canada countdown.  I think it snuck up on us this year because of the eternal winter that just won’t leave without a fight.  I am very concerned that I am going to miss spring all together in the states, head north, and be greeted by more chilly temperatures.  The silver lining?  I don’t think there will be much lawn mowing to worry about before the 4th of July.

So, Travis and I have started gathering our lists (we live and die by list, my friends) and checking them twice as we anxiously wait out the last few weeks before our summer adventure begins.

Most items or actions to check off are fairly similar year-to-year, but this go around we did have one thing that we did not want to forget.  Our AED machine, which we posted about here, needed new pads before the 2014 season.

Side note: When I visit new websites (i.e. I get totally sucked in to looking and researching everything available.  Its like a whole new world on those websites, and I can very quickly justify why I need like half the stuff they offer.  I’m pretty sure I almost ordered a 4-pack of instructional posters in Spanish and English.  We need those, right? No??

All jokes aside, we wanted to reach out and hear from you guys about any other safety measures we should take or safety equipment that you think we should have at Eagle Falls Lodge.  Is there something our first-aid arsenal is lacking?  Let us know!

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