Cheers to the weekend


Am I right?  Not that there is a distinguishable feeling between the work week and the weekend up here.  Typically its more of an ongoing weekend vibe for everyone, but after last week’s bonus challenges, we are ready for sure.  Also, smores.  Always.


Cosmos certainly embraces the weekend and is happy to relax and enjoy a good bonfire.  That boy. Is there a happier pup in all the land? I think not.  He sure makes us happy.  I think he could sense that I was needing extra snuggles this last week.  Luckily, he cleared his schedule to make it happen.

The good news:
1. We successfully backed up all our computer files on an external hard drive.  HUGE relief.
2. Brakes are fixed on the truck
3. The sun is shining!

I hope all of you are able to pause and enjoy the weekend.  Cheers to the weekend!

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