Closing is Complete!

Good morning,

I am writing this blog post from Illinois!

That’s right, we made it across the border and traveled home over the weekend.  I think we are all happy to be out of the car.

Everything at the lodge is all winterized, tucked in, and buttoned up for the next few months.  Here you can see our fleet of boats from Red Lake up and out of the water getting a much deserved rest:

And here are my two absolute favorites saying goodbye to their absolute favorite place on earth:
Until next year!

Notables from our trip home:

1. Apparently citrus fruit is NOT allowed when crossing back into the states.  Who knew?  They brought a special agriculture border/customs agent to inspect my backpack full of citrus fugitives.  All three oranges I had in there.

2. We spent an entire day fishing in the rain less than 24 hours after crossing back into the states.  Hello smallmouth bass!

3.  Cabela’s is a very VERY dangerous store.  So. Many. Things.

4. We are constantly amazed at the kindness and generosity of guests/friends/family who open up their home to us as we travel back and forth.  THANK YOU!

5.  Apparently the Green Bay Packers perform better when Travis is out of the country.  Oops.

6.  Cosmo is less than impressed to be back in his winter “confinement” BUT got extremely nervous throughout the entire trip back that we may be leaving him behind.

Example: We left him at our friends’ house while fishing and Don’s wife let him out when she got home from work.  She tried to let him back in and get him some water but he stayed firmly planted right next to the truck until we returned.  As if to say “No thank you.  I am just fine here.  My people will return and I want to make sure I go with them.”

7.  It is definitely bittersweet to leave Canada and get home to Illinois.

I hope everyone has a great week and please keep following the blog over the off-season.  We have some exciting posts planned!

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