Coin Lake passage potentially open

Many of you are familiar with fishing Coin Lake.  It has become much tougher to get into in recent years due to an ever-growing beaver dam blocking the creek.  Long gone are the days when you could just motor up the creek.  The three to four foot tall dam required a short portage around it the last couple years.  Here is what it looked like last year.

Last week I checked out the creek and it looks like someone opened a portion of the dam.  You can see the remnants of the old height of the dam on the sides of the creek, but it looks open through the middle.  You may not be able to motor right up the creek, but it looks like with some boots on you could get out and muscle the boat through without having to take the boat off the water.  I didn’t have time to attempt going up the creek, but snapped this photo of what it looks like now.

I also stumbled across this track near the creek on the old mining road.  It looks like a wolf print to me.  It was nearly the size of my hand and about twice the size of Cosmo’s print.  We heard wolves howling a couple times last season.  Guests have occasionally photographed them out on the lake although it is rare.  Maybe we’ll be lucky enough to see one this year (preferably from a boat).

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