Come fish with us in September

Hear me out…

You are heading into the weekend already cautiously anticipating its end.  I know, it sucks.  Well, I don’t know actually.  I live in this magically place where it is simultaneously always and also never the weekend.  Its called Eagle Falls Lodge.  Its a fish camp. And its awesome.

So while you are planning how to maximize your limited time off before heading back to the grind on Monday, please consider coming to see us before its too late!  Believe it or not we still have some availability during the 2nd week of September (September 6 – September 12).  Now you can daydream about catching walleye and making yourself sick by eating too many cream puffs -for an entire week!  Its good for the soul, I promise.

And if you are one of the lucky retired folks out there, you have NO excuse.  Come see us.  We promise you won’t regret it.  I’ve even made a list of some potential excuses and debunked them all so you don’t need to waste time on them:

1. But its a really long trip in the car.
Bring a friend.  Get a book on tape.  Or even better, make lots of mixed tapes.  Count the moose you see.  Catch up on our blog from the comfort of your car.
2. Won’t it already be too cold in Canada in September?
Umm, no.  Its really pleasant actually.  Even if it does cool off a bit, you can buy a super awesome Eagle Falls Lodge hoodie.  They are cozy and very stylish.
3. My wife won’t let me go deer hunting AND go on a fishing trip this fall.
Bring her with you!  She will be thrilled with a last minute get away.  What could be better than a trip to pristine Ontario where you don’t have any normal daily distractions.  I’ll even do all the dishes!
4. I don’t have a whole lot of fishing gear.  I’m not sure I want to invest right now on everything I would need.
Not a problem.  Let me introduce you to my husband, Travis.  He has more tackle and equipment than any normal human being would ever need (which is continually beefed up with the EXACT anticipation of people wanting or needing to borrow stuff).  Just ask, I’m certain we have something you could use.  Besides, you really don’t need a lot.
5. I haven’t driven a boat in a LONG time.  It doesn’t sound like a vacation if I’m continually stressed about running the motor, docking the boat, etc.
I hear you, I do, but this is a total non issue.  Our new electric start Honda motors practically run themselves.  You literally just push a button!  And we have really cushy seats.  If you are still not sure, you can twist Travis’ arm (or just ask, that might be less awkward) and he will gladly jump in the boat with you for a bit to show you how its done.
6. I’ve never been to a lodge where you are hosted all week by people you have never met; where they make your meals and you are in the middle of nowhere – it just seems wierd.
Hmmm.  That is kind of weird when you put it like that.  But I can assure you, everyone adjusts really quickly and I think (I hope!) most people really like us.  We brush our teeth and have acceptable social behavior.  Honest.
7. I already came up this summer, leave me alone!
But you haven’t heard about all the wonderfully exclusive privileges that will be granted to those who come to the lodge twice in one season.  I can’t post them here, but please inquire…

See, all is good.  So, what do you say?  Give us a call!  Shoot us an email!  We hope to see you soon.

Phone: 807-727-7100


  1. Alright, I will put in for vacation from work in September.

  2. Wow…this is ridiculously tempting. How do I convince the Mrs. that the boy needs to miss a week of school?

    • eaglefallslodge

      Shawn, You should totally come! We’ll make sure Jeffrey gets some reading, writing, and arithmetic practice in amongst all his fishing.

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