Continuing The Conservation Legacy: Catch & Release Replica Rewards

We are proud to announce our commitment to continue the support of past conservation polices at Eagle Falls Lodge. We are excited to establish and introduce a new more enhanced catch and release program this year

Beginning this season, we will be offering all guests who catch and release a master angler walleye, northern pike or small mouth bass an opportunity to enter a drawing to win an exact replica of their trophy fish from Replicas Inc. here in Colorado. Details and further information will be provided during your stay. We look forward to lots of amazing catches this season!

We would like to thank all of our guests for their continued support of our current catch and release program and look forward to your participation of our new catch and release replica reward program.

Please feel free to visit the following links to learn more about the importance of releasing big fish and our commitment to ensuring the future of our fisheries’ resources.

At Replicas Inc., we offer the highest quality fish reproductions. We create a fish replica with characteristics that match the actual fish you caught as closely as possible, we do not merely render a generic representation. We are not a high volume production studio, we are artists. We take time and care with each and every fish replica, making sure that it is not only a fish replica that commemorates your special memory, it is a work of art that you will cherish, enjoy, and be proud to display.


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