Cosmo lands on IR


Thanks for the concerns and kind thoughts expressed by many of you about Cosmo.  He is definitely a part of the family and is not enjoying his “bed rest” much after his injury.

I took him to the vet today in Dryden and confirmed he did suffer an ACL tear in his right hind leg.   Cosmo was pretty amped up about getting to ride in a boat and a truck when he is used to hanging around camp.  He was so excited at the vet, they had to sedate him to give him a proper evaluation.  He was able to hold out for three minutes against the tranquilizer that usually takes 30 seconds though.  He was a bit wobbly and drooly, but had a nice nap on the way home.  No daring boat escapes for him today.   On the way back to the lodge he even stayed put when his records file was swept out of the boat and I spent several minutes scooping soggy papers out of the water.  Even with that delay I made it back in plenty of time to fry the fish for dinner.

His “RG3” knee will unfortunately land him on injured reserve for the season.  Not the place you want to be when you are a camp dog with wolves, bears, squirrels, & frogs to chase.

We received some additional medicine and will keep Cosmo on bed rest for a few more days and then evaluate our options.  There is a chance he could return stateside sooner than usual or make limited appearances if he remains in Canada.  Although Cosmo won’t be on guard duty against bears, I will now be able to shrink my stockpile of Roman Candles against any intruders.  Rest up ‘ol pup!

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